"I engaged Diana Schramer to line edit my book-length memoir of life and work in many countries. She provided extremely careful, thoughtful, thorough line editing and proofreading, with useful questions and comments to consider in shaping the manuscript. Throughout, Diana was highly professional in her entire handling of communications and the job itself, yet with a personal touch, so that I came away with the feeling that she was a friend. As a direct result, I have a more finished, polished document that I feel confident to share, even with people outside the family. And her final fee came in under her estimate!"

Jean B. Sibley, author of This Heart Has Many Homes

"I first met Diana at the Writers' Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2015. At the time, I was collecting business cards the way one would collect stamps or butterflies. I didn't approach her for editing until I had a semi-completed manuscript a year and a half later. When she encouraged me and gave positive, useful feedback on my early first chapters, I knew we could work together. But I wasn't ready for a full manuscript edit until 2018.

Through Diana's wonderfully helpful feedback I learned three things about my writing. First, I will never know the difference between compound words and hyphenated words. The three-page list in Diana's style sheet made me laugh. And it confirmed that I will never get it right. Second, over the numerous revisions I'd changed points of view in some chapters. Where the old POV made its way into the final manuscript, Diana identified those areas with the precision of a surgeon. Third and lastly, when you've worked on your manuscript as long as I have (four years), you can't see all the details anymore. Diana discovered details that my critical eyes had glossed over. Diana made sure every numeric detail matched throughout the manuscript. She left nothing to speculation.

Thanks so much, Diana. With your help I'm one step closer to publication."

Tracey S. Phillips, author of Best Kept Secrets, http://www.traceysphillips.com

"Diana approaches her work with the same professionalism as a surgeon. I hired Diana a second time to edit my third novel, Detonation. I was amazed at the discoveries she found in my manuscript. Diana Schramer is a copy editor with five-star talent."

Burr B. Anderson, author of Detonation, http://www.burrandersonauthor.com/

"I'm very thankful for Diana's work on the first several chapters of my manuscript. I needed direction and clarification. Diana let me know where I got it right and explained in depth where I needed improvement. She is well-read and has introduced me to books and articles to learn from. Once her editing was complete, she took time to answer my questions by phone. Her comments and corrections have improved my work and have given me a foundation as I continue to revise my manuscript. Diana has given me the encouragement to press on."

James Salimes, author of novel-in-progress Treasure in a Field

"Diana did a great job working her magic with my manuscript, Fore-Play: A Woman's Golf Guide to Finding Love in the Rough. Her hiring process and parameters were very clear, and she completed the job well in advance of my deadline. I would highly recommend hiring her!"

Iman Houston Farrior, author of Fore-Play: A Woman's Golf Guide to Finding Love in the Rough

"It has been my pleasure to work with Diana Schramer of Write Way Copyediting on my debut novel, Dunster’s Calling. She recently completed a medium-level edit of my 86,000-word manuscript on schedule and under budget. Her feedback has been honest, fair, and professional while promoting a nurturing environment for growth. Diana brings a wealth of experience to the table, providing both diligence and compassion. Her critiques are well justified, and her encouragement for this new author has been inspirational. Diana wants her clients to succeed. Her enthusiasm is contagious, both in her professional capacity as an editor and in her role as an avid reader. I look forward to working with Diana again and highly recommend her services."

Tracey Gemmell, author of Dunster's Calling, https://traceygemmell.com/

"Diana Schramer helped me see that my book is publishable. Her editing improved my writing by identifying areas that were not clear, noting that length adjustments were necessary for my genre, and suggesting language more appropriate for my target audience. Diana's well thought-out suggestions were accurate, giving me a clearer picture as to where I wanted to go in the development of my characters. The Keepers: An Alphabet Story is my first book. I needed an editor, and Diana came well recommended. Her experienced editing and encouragement have given me the confidence to publish my book."

Mary M. Hendricks, author of The Keepers: An Alphabet Story

"My investment in Diana's freelance copyediting services has been amongst the best investments I made for my first creative nonfiction book, HR, Where's Your Freaking Sense of Humor? I can honestly and humbly share that she has been a key contributor in the success of my first book project. Her devotion to editing excellence was evident in each e-mail or telephone conversation we had regarding my manuscript. She was thorough and asked all the right questions to ensure she was equipped to provide me with the best and most comprehensive review and recommended edits. She also never judged me on my writing style, even after she determined I was writing in college APA style (LOL!). Her understanding of the publishing business and Chicago Manual of Style was extremely helpful and will ensure that I am not harshly labeled as a novice during my publishing solicitation efforts. Each edit she made was well thought out and explained when necessary. Finally, note that while her critique of my manuscript was not required, her honest words of praise and encouragement brought tears of joy to my eyes because she was the first person to read my manuscript (not certain if she was aware of this fact). Her feedback meant a great deal to me and was a confidence booster during the times when uncertainty creeped in. Her words will remain in my hall of fame for an eternity and be referenced frequently when I need positive affirmation during my book-publishing journey."

Carol McBride, PHR, SHRM-CP, author of HR, Where's Your Freaking Sense of Humor?, http://www.carolmcbridegroup.com/

​"Diana Schramer made my entry into the writer's realm a reality. I was a fledgling writer seeking an experienced editor to provide feedback on everything from grammatical errors to personal voice in my first young adult historical fiction novel. Diana exceeded my expectations tenfold with her professionalism, high standards, attention to detail, and punctuality. Her critical eye teased out style, continuity issues, disambiguation, and historical inaccuracies, as well as providing an in-depth analysis of my writing technique, character development, and evolution of the plot. Her edits corrected my syntax, but her markups probed my thinking. I value her critique as much as her praise of my work, as I now have a guidepost where before I only had a story with no polish. I would encourage any writer (new or experienced) to reach out to Diana. She brought my writing to a new height."

Kimberly Van Sickle, author of Place​ment

"Diana did an absolutely wonderful job of making sure my book, A Soccer Ball and Some Faith, was as perfect as possible. She corrected all the errors, even those I didn't know existed, and helped me understand the process of writing a book. She has a strong passion for her work, and that passion is contagious. Without her, my book would never have been published. But now, Diana has helped me achieve my dream of becoming a published author. I can't thank her enough."

​James Weber, author of A Soccer Ball and Some Faith

"Diana has assisted me in the development of my manuscript through three years of research to final publication. Her encouragement and support complemented her comprehensive, skilled, and objective copyediting. To say she offers a full spectrum of services would understate her passion for and commitment to the writer. Diana is an editor who is always in the writer's corner."

Brian E. Forschner, author of Cold Serial: The Jack the Strangler Murders, www.coldserial.com

"With my limited knowledge of the world of novel writing and publishing, Diana provided guidance and set me on a rewarding pathway to create a remarkable novel. After comparing several editing samples from other editors, I decided to engage Diana's services. She was very delightful and nurturing and provided me with invaluable suggestions. When she forwarded her completed work to me on time, I was elated with the results. She provided a clear and accurate assessment of my manuscript with valuable insights that I had not realized. I completely agreed with her numerous edits and in-depth comments, which revealed her profound understanding of the manuscript. She far exceeded my expectations, and I am overjoyed to have selected her to edit my book."

Dr. Jeff Clements, author of Aphelion

"I published my first book without using the wisdom and skills of Diana. I paid the price. Thank goodness that our paths crossed and she was able to edit my newest novel, High Seas Darkness. Diana Schramer is magical in her ability to spot not only grammatical issues but also author errors with regard to technical points. I have started my third novel and most certainly will have Diana be my primary editor. She has my highest recommendation."

Burr B. Anderson, author of High Seas Darkness, http://www.burrandersonauthor.com/

"On every journey to high altitude, I have always surrounded myself with exceptional people. Guides with the skills, desire, and passion to assist with whatever particular hill I was attempting to climb. Writing a book was a similar task. When it came time to have my manuscript edited for publication, Diana showed up and applied the very same skill, desire, and passion to her work. Common effort can create instant friendships and trust in the mountains. My experience with Diana was the same, although all her efforts were performed on her computer."

Ed Abell, author of award-winning My Father’s Keep, www.wisconsciousness.org

"Although I have been a professional grant writer for over 13 years, having Diana's edits behind my most important work gives me an extra level of confidence when presenting the material. She is pleasant, professional, and competent, a nice combination that makes working with her an all-around great experience."

Rena Beyer, Principal Consultant, Grant Specialist U.S.A., www.grantspecialistusa.com

"My memoir, Tacking into the Wind, will be published thanks to the multitalented Diana Schramer. After a life of writing memos, I discovered in retirement that I could not write prose and began taking lessons and attending seminars. That is how I met Diana. Impressed by the clarity of how she presented herself, I introduced myself to her. That was the beginning of my newfound confidence that I would not embarrass myself with passive voice, errant verbs, and sloppy punctuation. Since our meeting, we have communicated entirely by e-mail, and when I have a question about something, she offers clarity. I couldn't ask for anything more in a copy editor."

Dick Vander Woude, author of Tacking into the Wind

"I was preparing to birth my book, Beauty's Way, into the greater world when I became connected with Diana through Balboa Press. Curious to see how she would use her skills to ready my piece of writing for publishing, I placed my 'baby' in her hands. As soon as I began going through her edits, I was filled with gratitude. I felt that, without even knowing me, she really understood and respected my message. Diana has a keen sense of how to edit written work in a way that enhances rather than takes away from what is being shared. I learned a great deal from her as she helped transform my book into something even greater than I could have anticipated. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to call upon her when I'm once again in need of a copy editor. Thank you, Diana, for sharing your gifts, and I wish you well as you continue to add your special touch to the written word."

Lori Myles-Carullo, author of Beauty's Way: Inspiration on the Path of Awakening, www.lorimylescarullo.com

"Diana Schramer's professional and powerful editing enhanced the clarity and narrative flow of my book. Her sharp eye for detail and grammatical errors, knowledge of various style and usage guides, and friendly queries helped polish my manuscript. Diana's expertise lifted my writing to a new level and made Just Along for the Ride: The Amazing Journey of William Baine Roddy a success that has opened many doors for me. I look forward to Diana editing future manuscripts."

Martha Roddy, author of Just Along for the Ride: The Amazing Journey of William Baine Roddy, www.martharoddy.com

"Hiring a copy editor can be a difficult decision. It's not easy turning your manuscript (your baby) over to an editor. It's critical to find the right person, a true professional with excellent skills, someone who will also respect and enhance an author's voice. I made a wise decision when I hired Diana Schramer. A true professional in every way, she is also easy to work with and very reasonable. I am more than pleased with her editing of my paranormal historical novel, Amelia 1868. I highly recommend Diana and will certainly use her services in the future."

Janet Kay, author of Amelia 1868 and Waters of the Dancing Sky, http://www.novelsbyjanetkay.com

"Diana did a great job copyediting my book and my blog. She pointed out my strengths and offered several good suggestions as to how I may correct my weaknesses. Her timeliness and professionalism was impressive and beyond my expectations. I have never had such helpful and professional editing of my work. Diana does a superb job."

Greg Alan, author of In the Beginning

"One of the most important things that Diana did was listen. She had the innate ability to understand my project, followed through to completion on deadline, made sure that her work met my standards, and then allowed me to take all the credit. She made herself nearly invisible throughout the project so I could concentrate on what I was writing, yet she was also indispensable to my process. I knew I could trust her to polish my writing so my core ideas could break through like the sun. Diana is competent, full of integrity, and, as I said before, indispensable.

Robert Meyer, Writer and Speaker

"Diana Schramer is professional and meticulous. My 81,000-word manuscript is a cleaner and better read due to Diana's critical eye and detailed suggestions. I am thrilled with her copyediting and highly recommend her services."

Scott Lesnick, author of Kidjacked: A Father's Story, www.scottlesnick.com

"I've known Diana for over 20 years, beginning when she worked as my administrative assistant at a local community bank. Diana remains to this day a high-class individual that any organization or individual would be honored to employ and one that a team could be built around. Her numerous abilities include being focused and creative, team-spirited and team-oriented, and adept at project management while at the same time requiring minimal supervision and direction. She is hardworking, meticulous, self-motivated, and reliable. These attributes translate well into the field of copyediting. Diana is my choice for any communication, verbal or written, to obtain superlative results."

Larry A. Boward, Commercial Relationship Manager, Midland States Bank

"Diana is an amazing individual as well as an excellent writer. Her editing skills are meticulous and her feedback is always appropriate and on time. Diana is respectful, responsive, and helpful in any way she can be. I would recommend her skills to anyone seeking copyediting work."

Tia C. M. Svardahl, Writer, The Ink Pond blog, http://theinkpond.wordpress.com


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